What if you could not only read your favorite fencing book but listen to it?
For example to Joachim Meyers "Gründtliche Beschreibung der Kunst des Fechtens"?

Let's have an ear on a new aid for reconstructing, learning German and getting a new point of view onto material you probably have read a hundred times but not listend to yet - on your own, headphones on, eyes closed.

Cool? You liked it? So where is more of this material to be found?

To be honest, it’s to be produced yet. These are only these two available pre-production teasers. Our club recently finished talks with the audio book production company Asgard Produktion UG (haftungsbeschränkt) & Co. KG. They are willing to produce Joachim Meyers "Gründtliche Beschreibung der Kunst des Fechtens" if a certain amount of subscriptions are pre-sold.

So what’s a subscription than?

Subscription were in fashion during the 19th century. Some books were only printed when a certain amount of subscriptions, basically pre-orders, were sold. People payed when the necessary subscriptions were made. As a part of saying “Thank you!” their names including number of preordered copies was printed in the book. That’s what we want to do as well. Only as an audio book. Hey, it's 2015!

We decided to produce Joachim Meyers Fencing book since we think it is by far one of the most popular in Historical Fencing. It will be released on MP3-CD including a mini poster diplaying the 60 plates. Shipping needs to be calculated individually since we don’t know from where how many orders will come in. As a rule of thumb, no shipment a single CD will cost more than EUR 15,00 world wide. We will inform you about your rates as your orders come in. A CD will cost EUR 39,00. Please count this in when subscribing. Production of the audio book will start two weeks after the necessary subcriptions are paid.

Ok, here's how you can help us and join in:

Here's the result of the Survey so you can see how many people are not interested, want to be kept up to date or are taking part:

And here's the list of people who are taking part already. Thank you guys for supporting our effort!